To walk through the gates of Martell at Cognac is to enter three centuries of history. Discover a unique craft. 

The history of Martell is first and foremost the history of one man, Jean Martell, who established his cognac enterprise in 1715, during the reign of Louis XIV. Over many generations, the Martell company handed down its ancient craft to winegrowers, distillers, makers of wine casks and cellar masters. 

The story of a French lifestyle: Refinement and elegance to taste and explore.

It is also the history of a charming wine-growing district, whose great wines have poetic names: Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Borderies, Fins Bois. It’s the history of a French lifestyle, defined by refinement and elegance, whose spirit gives the Martell cognacs a very recognizable style. The history of an enterprise that has just celebrated its 300th anniversary. A saga to discover, to explore and to taste.

From the vine to the glass: A three-centuries-old craft

Enter the historic site of the oldest producer of Cognac during the Martell Be Curious tour. Learn about three centuries of craftsmanship and taste the Martell VSOP cognac, accompanied by classical French pastries.

The Martell XO tour, for its part, is a sensory experience that reveals the secrets of the making of cognac from the grape vines to the glass: enjoy a tasting of Martell XO and Martell Cordon Bleu cognacs, accompanied by appetizers.

The Art of Tasting tour will make you an expert: taste the best Martell cognacs and discover the elegance, delicacy, unique balance and rounded aromas that create the signature Martell style. 



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