Dom Pérignon has created a unique introductory tour for wine enthusiasts, one which reveals the secrets of its famous champagne. On the programme: tastings of vintage champagnes, matching champagne with fine foods, and a tour of the vineyard’s famous site. 

Walk around an exceptional vineyard. Learn about a unique craft. Experience the interplay between the senses and knowledge. This is the experience on offer at the Dom Pérignon workshop: a special moment of wine discovery. A desire to offer wine enthusiasts a rare chance to immerse themselves in the universe of Dom Pérignon champagne led to the creation of this special experience: the Dom Pérignon Workshop. Proud to offer wine lovers, whether experts or amateurs, an introduction to this unique vineyard, its special characteristics, and the secrets of champagne production, Dom Pérignon has developed an exceptional programme that combines expertise and taste

Discover an exceptional vineyard. Travel to the heart of a unique expertise. Experience the balance between sensory perception and knowledge. This is the experience of the Dom Pérignon workshop.

The Dom Pérignon workshop is held at the Abbey d’Hautvillers in the heart of the Champagne region. It’s here that the famous monks developed the techniques which gave birth to the champagne we know today. To start this memorable day, two Dom Pérignon ambassadors accompany you on a tour of the abbey and the vineyard, the birth places of the production and maturing of the Dom Pérignon vintages. 

A tasting session to excite the senses and reveal the secrets of this famous vintage champagne

The much-anticipated moment has arrived: the interactive and entertaining champagne tasting session. The Dom Pérignon experts introduce you to wine tasting, using both the nose and the mouth, during this sensory and then technical discovery of the famous bubbles. After learning about the right way to serve champagne, a chef will introduce you to the harmonies between the wines of Dom Pérignon and various fine foods. You will then experience the surprising ‘Blackbox’, a special digital and sensory device where famous artworks are exhibited. The day concludes with a final tasting of a special vintage champagne. The different stages in the life of a rare wine, where tradition and expertise meet innovation, are thus shared by those who produce and taste the wine.  


Dom Pérignon workshop - Maison Dom Pérignon

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