You've always wanted to learn from the greatest wine tasters? Are you keen to learn about tasting wine but never dared give it a try? It’s time to put your inhibitions aside – we have the solution!

Whether you’re a true connoisseur or just a beginner, the  Ecole des Vins et Spiritueux will help you learn about wine in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Opened in 2003 by an enthusiastic wine lover (Olivier Thienot), the Ecole des Vins et Spiritueux  approach pairs knowledge with fun, and offers beginners an opportunity to learn more about wine and enables experts to perfect their knowledge. And those looking to certify their expertise with more in-depth training can pick from one of our internationally recognised examination-based courses.  

The Ecole des Vins et Spiritueux provides lessons in French and English and operates in different cities within France and worldwide: Paris, Lyon, Lille and Hong Kong among others. The Ecole des Vins et Spiritueux is open to everyone and offers a range of introductory learning pathways, lasting from a few hours to several days, with tastings from a unique collection of wines sourced from talented winemakers. The Ecole des Vins et Spiritueux is not affiliated to any particular wine producer or merchant. This independance ensures that our educational methods are fully impartial.


Ecole des Vins et Spiritueux 

Tel: 01 43 41 33 94