A voyage to the heart of excellence, this is what the House of Remy Martin offers you with a tour of this famous establishment at Cognac. Visit the cellars and take part in workshops and tasting sessions. Enter the legend of these exceptional cognacs.

The history of the House of Remy Martin is that of a family of wine merchants going back three centuries. Five generations driven by one ambition: to capture the essence of cognac. Guided by an uncompromising quest since 1724, the House of Remy Martin is built on skills developed in the heart of the region of Cognac. Made from the best wine-producing areas of Petite and Grande Champagne, its unique blends create Fine Champagne, an exceptionally rich and smooth cognac.

Vineyards, history, heritage, great food... Experience the beauty of the location and introduce yourself to the pleasures and rituals of cognac tasting.

In a few hours or a day, couples, families or friends can discover the historic House of Remy Martin, through a range of tours. The copper distilleries, the muted light and the silence of cellar rooms and Cognac maturing in hundred-year-old oak casks. Vineyards, history, heritage and great food are here for you to discover in this behind-the-scenes look at the expertise guiding these ancient production techniques. Experience the beauty of this historic site and introduce yourself to the pleasure and rituals of cognac tasting.

Let me tell you the story of nearly three centuries of creating cognacs

The ancient casks, where very old brandies mature, form part of a scenographic display allowing you to follow in the footsteps of the founders and cellar masters who built the House of Remy Martin. Learn the story of nearly three centuries of creating cognacs: the vineyards, the range of aromas, the art of blending. Share the experience of the Louis XIII cognac; watch the creation of Cognac and the ritual of the double distillation in the distillery of Touzac. Discover the subtle harmony of cognac and chocolate and introduce yourself to the art of blending. So many different aromas to enjoy as you discover the Cognac legend

At the Domaine of Merpins, take a ride on a small train to explore the vast cellars which house the large and precious reserves of Cognac Fine Champagne. All the expertise of the House of Remy Martin is combined here: the art of vine growing, the casks, the distillation, the blending and maturing of Cognac. A unique experience in an exceptional place.



The House of Remy Martin

20, rue de la Société Vinicole

16100 Cognac

Phone: +33 (0)5 45 35 76 66.

E-mail: visites.remymartin@remy-cointreau.com