Pruning festival at the chateau l'hospitalet tasting of Languedoc wines ©Sofiane Zaidi master class in tasting the famous wines of Gérard Bertrand languedoc pruning festival chateau l'hospitalet ©Sofiane Zaidi

Marking the start of winter, the Pruning Festival illuminates the grape vines and celebrates the forthcoming vintage! Enjoy this event at the Chateau l’Hospitalet alongside the wine growers and take part in a master class in wine tasting featuring the Languedoc wines of Gérard Bertrand.

Carried out by hand in the middle of winter, each pruning gesture is essential in leading the vine towards the next grape harvest.


Each first Saturday in December, the renowned Chateau l’Hospitalet celebrates the Pruning Festival.


On the programme: learning about wine, meetings with the winemakers, a master class in tasting the famous wines of Gérard Bertrand, and gourmet dining featuring the black truffle of Languedoc.




1st Saturday in December



Chateau l'Hospitalet

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