Hôtel Pams © Olivier Navarro Patios Gourmands 2017 © Office de Tourisme de Perpignan

Perpignan’s weekly Patios Gourmands have been a fixture of the month of July for the last ten years. These tastings-cum-tours (organised by the Tourist Office) explore the town’s culinary, historic and architectural heritage – three themes rolled into one tour!

You can taste local products in the company of the producers of the Roussillon, with your guide adding to the occasion with colourful tales from history – and all in the prestigious setting of Perpignan’s most beautiful town houses. The tours last two hours and include visits to four courtyards with a full-course meal from aperitif to dessert. The spotlight is firmly on local wines and sweet and savaoury produce, all of which promises a delicious meander through the old town!



Office de tourisme de la ville de Perpignan

Palmarium - Place François Arago
66000 Perpignan