Les Chikoulades vintage, Provence vineyard © Chris Boyer A party atmosphere at Les Chikoulades, Provence vineyard © Chris Boyer

Offer the public an event to mark the start of the grape harvest and promote wine in the Aix region. Three wine estates in Lambesc are behind this project: the Vignerons du Roy René co-operative, the Domaine des Béates and the Château de Calavon. Experience Provence to the full!

Les Chikoulades de Lambesc, fan de chichourle, qu’es aco*? From the Provençal word chicouloun, meaning a little glass of wine, Les Chikoulades de Lambesc is the wine festival organised by the Vins et Terroirs du Jardin Aixois association. 

Keep the last weekend of August free and head over to Lambesc to celebrate the start of the grape harvest. On the agenda: activities, parade, band, concerts, street shows, activities for children, a farmer’s market and the wine-grower’s banquet...

A unique "vinothèque" wine centre also awaits you to introduce you to the wines of the Pays d’Aix region. In case you don’t speak Provençal...Hè bè* it’s never too late!

* Provençal expressions



End of August 2020



Place des États-Généraux (face à la mairie)

13410 Lambesc