A tasty break in the Savoie vineyards © J. Hugot A gourmet walk in the heart of Savoie © J. Hugot

The Gourmet Walk is the not-to-be-missed annual outing for those with a passion for trying exceptional local delicacies! This year, it is the turn of the Apremont vineyard to play host to an excursion on the trail of new flavours...

Almost 2,000 walkers are preparing to set out in the Savoie sunshine on a walk through the vines to meet the wine-growers. Our path wends its way through grandiose landscapes. Guided by the towering bulk of Mont Granier, our steps will be spurred on by the tantalising promise of delicious breaks prepared by chefs who have deserted their kitchens to spoil us with tasty treats to savour among the vines...

We’re counting on you for the 2020 outing! So, get out your boots, don your hat and make sure you wear your brightest smile for an 8 km adventure in the heart of the Apremont vineyard! Wonderful experiences with tastings of Savoie wines and wine and food pairings to be shared and enjoyed by all.
Good humour and a love of good food are the order of the day....once experienced, never forgotten and you will be queuing up to come back next year!


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Apremont vineyard



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