Guiding novice and advanced wine lovers through Bordeaux's vines and wines has been the ambitious mission of the École du Vin de Bordeaux, or Bordeaux Wine School, since it was first founded 30 years ago!

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, the institution in the heart of Gironde’s capital has expanded in size and kitted itself out with cutting-edge digital devices. Short online tutorials, shared on social media, have been added to the wide range of oenological courses designed to bring an understanding of wine to a wider audience.

The courses offered by this unique school are as varied as the region’s wine!

Whether you pick a two-hour training session, full-day introduction to wine, or evening class, one thing is certain: the content will be both educational and fun. Instead of being taught by traditional lecturers, the school’s courses are led by passionate winemakers, cellarmasters, oenologists and sommeliers, all keen to share their expertise. This special experience means that participants are instructed in the theoretical and practical aspects of winemaking by men and women who work in the vineyards all year round.


From wine tasting techniques for beginners, learning how to blend your own Bordeaux wine, mastering the art of wine pairing, and learning sommelier skills, there’s something for all skill levels and interests. The modules are built around topics that have been specifically designed to allow people to learn more about the world of wine, the typical grape varieties found in Bordeaux, and this famous wine region’s iconic appellations, at their own pace.


Look, smell, taste: there’s stimulation for all the senses during the school’s discovery activities. The wines from the different terroirs slowly reveal their secrets through their intense colours filled with shimmering hues, powerful bouquets infused with delicate aromas, and small sips that promise a long finish.


École du Vin de Bordeaux

1, cours du XXX Juillet

33 000 Bordeaux


Tel.: +33 (0)5 56 00 22 85