Religious sparkle at Chateau Pape Clément, medieval strength at Chateau La Tour Carnet, warriors’ exploits at Chateau Fombrauge ... Each of the grands crus classés, enhanced by Bernard Magrez, boasts a dazzling history and heritage.

Set foot in a 700-year-old place and understand the excellence of Chateau Pape Clément, a famous wine from the Graves region. Smell the fertile soil and share the passion of an ingenious pope. Discover the vineyard as it was during the period of Pope Clément V and let yourself be transported to the heart of a unique emotional experience where ancient, contemporary and religious arts intertwine as you walk among the private collections of Bernard Magrez. This alliance between ancient and modern can also be seen in the vineyard, where you find both traditional methods and the latest technology, from aerial video drones to clay bottles! The horses protect the soil and classical music is used to cure diseases in the vines …

Architecture, gardens, history … Be transported to the heart of a unique experience where ancient, contemporary and religious arts meet.

Several different tours are available to explore this exceptional heritage. The 'Secret of an Icon' tour concludes with a wine tasting of five different vintages of Chateau Pape Clément red and the rare Pape Clément white.


One of the oldest chateaux in the Médoc

At Saint-Laurent-Médoc, enter the legend of one of the most beautiful buildings in the Médoc district, Chateau La Tour Carnet, which has been ranked as one of the most famous French wines since 1855. This authentic medieval chateau sits majestically at the end of an entrance road bordered with flowering lawns. You are struck by the beauty of the twelfth-century quadrangular tower. The magic continues as you pass the thick surrounding walls, which reveal magnificent furniture. The rooms – Montaigne or La Boétie – remind us that the great names of literature met here!


The largest vineyard in Saint-Emilion

Finally, walk through the French-style gardens of Chateau Fombrauge and discover its history: battles, wars and successions have all been part of the history of this area, which produced its first harvest in 1599. From the Canolle, in the sixteenth century, to Bernard Magrez today, six families have succeeded one another at the head of Chateau Fombrauge, giving a incomparable stability to the largest vineyard in Saint-Emilion. 


Chateau Pape Clément

216, avenue du Docteur Nancel Pénard

33600 Pessac

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Chateau La Tour Carnet


33112 Saint Laurent Médoc

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Chateau Fombrauge

Lieu-dit Fombrauge, D243

33330 Saint-Christophe-des-Bardes

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