Owner of 42 vineyards around the world and a famous producer of great Bordeaux wines, Bernard Magrez likes to share his fabulous treasures: leading Bordeaux heritage sites such as the Pape Clément, Tour Carnet, Fombrauge and Clos Haut Peraguey.  

Some see it as the career of a man driven by a quest for perfection, others see the passion of a determined entrepreneur. Many have listed the crowning moments in the career of Bernard Magrez, a man still striving for excellence. His genius found its full expression in the wine district of Bordeaux and, in 1986, the purchase of Chateau Pape Clément. Home to seven centuries of wine production, this chateau became his life’s work.

In 1999, Bernard Magrez purchased Chateau Fombrauge (grand cru classé Saint-Emilion) and Chateau La Tour Carnet (Grand Cru Classé 1855 Haut-Médoc), adding to the list of 40 properties owned by this passionate wine expert. In 2012, these were joined by Clos Haut-Peyraguey (Premier Grand Cru Classé dans l'AOC sauternes​).

The pursuit of excellence and sharing the art of the Bordeaux vineyard lifestyle

In this frenetic quest for perfection, there is a respect for the beauty of the fruit and for the wine connoisseur savouring each and every taste. At the same time, Bernard Magrez, ‘the man with 40 chateaux’ and ‘the creator of rare wines’, now pursues excellence by organizing tailored visits, activities and events, during which he shares the experiences of a unique and authentic lifestyle.

This exclusive event, which includes a description of the origins of the great Bordeaux wines, forms part of a range of luxurious and refined visits, in which guests plunge into the heart of the centuries-old legend. This is how the concept of the Bernard Magrez Luxury Wine Experience was born.